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ASUS Wants You to Switch to Windows 8

We’ve talked about Windows 7 versus Windows 8. Microsoft certainly wants you to switch over, but long time Geeks.com brand ASUS wants you to switch over too. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, ASUS CEO Jerry Shen said he and his company were “very optimistic about sales for Windows 8 tablets this year.” Shen went on to say that he expects to see prices on Windows 8 tablets to drop below $300 this year. This would make Windows 8 tablets competitive with the Kindle Fire, the powerhouse tablet with the pretty price tag.

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5 Simple Steps to a Quieter PC

No one wants their computer to be loud, but in order to keep components running at safe temperatures, cooling fans can wind up making the system sound like a blow dryer. In a busy office environment some noise may go unnoticed, but as computers find their way into more rooms of the home, near silence is essential. A computer sitting in the living room for use with a home theater system has to be quiet so that it doesn’t interfere with the enjoyment of music or movies, for example.

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ATA Versus Sata

The performance of computer systems has been steadily increasing as faster processors, memory, and video cards are continuously being developed. The one key component that is often neglected when looking at improving the performance of a computer system is the hard drive. Hard drive manufacturers have been constantly evolving the basic hard drive used in modern computer systems for the last 25 years, and the last few years have seen some exciting developments from faster spindle speeds, larger caches, better reliability, and increased data transmission speeds.

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ABCs of DVD Drive Abbreviations

The number of different formats available in DVD drives can be confusing to anyone in the market for one. The list is much longer, but to address a few of the common formats, we have DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM ,DVD+R DL and DVD±RW. Wow! This list of common formats is long enough, no wonder it’s confusing!

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Choosing a Computer Case

In the past, computer cases were all very similar. Clones of the same boring, beige box. With all of the choices available today, this is no longer the ‘case’, and people can use their systems’ chassis as a means to express themselves and to set their system apart from the rest. Although appearance may be a big one, it isn’t the only factor in the selection process and the following items should be considered when shopping for a new computer case.

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